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Doctoral Dissertation


Category Management is an innovative vertical marketing concept especially dealing with marketing co-operations between producers and retailers of consumer products. The doctorate thesis will contain an empirical study that deals with consumer reponse aspects of that management concept.

As of now, companies doing CM are rather concerned with measuring only hard economic effects of CM without referring these to changes in consumer buying behavior. This study will exactly do this and like that, offer a tool for producers to put relations with retailers on more objective grounds.

Papers/ Presentations

  • Kahler/Lingenfelder: Category management: when 1+1=3, in: ECR journal, Vol. 6, No. 1, Spring 2006

  • Lingenfelder/Kahler: Bestimmungsfaktoren der Einkaufsstättenbindung - eine vergleichende Analyse von Category Management und traditioneller Vermarktungskonzeption, in: Bauer/Huber (Hrsg.): Strategien und Trends im Handelsmanagement, 2004

  • Lingenfelder/Kahler/Wieseke: Herstellermarken, in: Bruhn (Hrsg.): Handbuch Markenführung, 2. Aufl., Band 1, 2004

  • Integrated target system for Category Management: unpublished paper, German, 63p., incl. 12p. literature on CM, 334 footnotes, 9 graphics, 6 tables

  • Empowered Category Management: presentation on how to empower Category Management by employing Customer Relationship Management

Diploma Thesis


There are only few topics in marketing that are assigned that much importance in future as university marketing. Public universities in Germany suffer from lacking financial support, lacking service and customer orientation and lacking relationships with private companies. At the same time universities and single faculties need to build up public relationships, brand identities and unique profiles. It sounds like a vicious circle but there are possibilities to become more attractive even without too much financial or personnel requirements.



Intra-industry trade in the European Union
Single Market Programme
European Monetary System
Fiscal Policy of the European Union
Models of buying behaviour and advertising
Parallelhandel in der Europäischen Union
Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment